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You may have found yourself admiring the marble-topped chest in a hotel suite or the leather desk chair in your new office, but you probably haven’t considered the differences between those commercial grade pieces and the furniture in your own home.

While a chair may just seem like a chair, there’s quite a variance between commercial and residential grade pieces. Commercial grade furniture requires that it have a higher ability to withstand heavy daily use than residential furnishings. Known in the industry as permanence and durability, the questions to ask are how often will the piece be used? How long should the piece last?


For example, a subtropical beach resort may be booked during the spring and summer, while the off-season fall and winter will be rather quiet. The furnishings in this resort will see less usage than the pieces in hotel that is booked year round due to its proximity to a conference center. A $350 per night room in a boutique hotel will have less turnover than a $59 per night room in a budget hotel.

Commercial grade furniture manufacturers often voluntarily make products with a higher standard in mind. Often they will follow guidelines made by such trade associations as the Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA).

It’s true. Simply because of the typical testing that commercial furniture structures must undergo, there is a strong and reliable difference between residential and commercial pieces. “It’s made differently,” says Charleston Commercial Interiors co-owner Steve Weil. “Commercial furniture is manufactured to different specifications than residential, for the best in design, comfort, and durability.”

Commercial furnishings are offered through different dealers, distributors and shown at different trade shows than residential. - Steve Weil

From fabrics and seating to lighting and flooring, commercial grade products are designed with comfort, safety, longevity and durability in mind. By selecting commercial grade furniture, you are investing in quality product that will continue to look good while withstanding a great amount of usage over an extended period of time.


For more information on commercial grade furniture, contact Charleston Commercial Interiors.


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