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3 Reasons to Invest in Quality Ergonomic Chairs

Everyone has their favorite chair. For some it is a plushy overstuffed armchair. For others it is the well-worn family rocking chair. However, some chairs are downright uncomfortable, like that dining room chair, or the seating in an office reception area, or the chair you are likely to spend the most of your time in: the chair in your office.


As industry evolved throughout the 20th century, the need for offices exploded. Paperwork became the name of the game; and desks and chairs became of paramount importance. Technology has continued to change the way that work, particularly office work, is conducted. Now that most everything is automated, employees are spending even more at their desk, in front of a computer, and in their office chair. The professional office furniture industry took notice and adjusted accordingly.


Think about your office chair. Does it have wheels? Can you adjust the height? Does it have armrests? How tall is the back? Is the back curved to match your spine? Does it have a foot or head rest? There is much to be appreciated in having a comfortable chair to sit in while working throughout the day.

There are several reasons you should invest in a quality ergonomic chair, whether for yourself or for your employees.


You may not always know good versus bad posture. You may have heard “stand up straight,” “don’t slouch,” or “keep you head up.” While it may seem like lessons in decorum, proper posture helps your joints to manage stress points, promote proper breathing, and adequate blood circulation throughout your body. A quality ergonomic chair will help you maintain better seated posture throughout the day.



Sitting for prolonged periods can cause stress to many of your joints, from your neck and shoulders to your knees and hips. If you are unaware of how to sit with good posture, your body will make adjustments to compensate for the uncomfortable position. The adjustable options of a quality ergonomic chair, such as the adjustable height and ability to swivel about your workspace, will help you maintain proper posture throughout the day, while the other features like the head rest and curved spine will engage your body in more easily maintaining good posture.


Productivity and Engagement

Being physically uncomfortable is a major distraction to completing daily tasks and to fully engaging in a project and/or colleagues. Fatigue and discomfort makes concentration difficult. When your ergonomic chair is designed and adjusted to fit your body, you can focus on timely completion of your activities, producing quality work, and use the opportunity to focus your creativity to current projects.


Investing in quality ergonomic chairs in an investment in the health of you and your employees as well as the productivity of your business.

Contact Charleston Commercial Interiors to discover the best ergonomic chairs to meet your health and business needs.



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it give extra support for back to work more and less tiredness. also good for health.

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