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The Top 3 Steps for Buying Office Furniture

What does your office furniture say about your company? Does your office fully reflect the identity of your business? It’s not enough to have a nice sign and a smiling receptionist – customers and staff will form part of their opinion about your company based on their comfort, ease of work, and safety - which may come down to what kind of furniture is available to sit at and work with. A huge part of building your business and establishing your company’s brand, the furniture you select can reflect your company’s identity, culture, and voice. Good furniture can improve productivity and attract the right kind of prospective staff and patrons.


Step 1: Have a Plan

What kind of furniture does your business need? Are you purchasing for employees only, or do you need furniture to accommodate customers? Will you be outfitting a reception area, with stationary guest chairs and tables? Furniture that is to be used all day can be quite different in design and comfort level from pieces designed for short stints of use. Have employees expressed any preferences, such as wanting desks with keyboard trays or height-adjustable desk chairs? When you start shopping with specifics in mind, you will be much more likely to wind up with what your company needs.

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Step 2: Don’t Compromise Comfort for Cost

It may be tempting to buy furniture at a deep discount, but the old adage – you get what you pay for – often holds true. Matching your budget with proper furniture choices can be challenging, particularly when outfitting large office space. Remember, office furniture is an investment, and an important one! It will be used every day and has a substantial impact on employee comfort, safety, and productivity levels. Choose wisely, and keep your employees and clients’ comfort as a top priority.

Collabrative AreaStep 3: Consider Design Aesthetic

Companies build themselves around a brand, and your office space is part of that brand. Traditional and streamlined is always a smart way to go when buying office furniture, as it can create a classic look and the pieces can last for many years without going out of style. And remember that office furniture is so much more than desks and chairs! Are you looking to create working quarters with a café-style atmosphere so your employees can openly collaborate on projects? Purchase large tables where they can gather and communicate their ideas openly as a group. If the office is a more conventional work environment, purchase desks with cubicle dividers so employees can focus on projects independently. It is all about knowing what will best suit your company’s specific design needs.

When it comes to making office furniture selections, commercial interior design experts can help think through the work flow of a given floor plan and figure out what’s best for how your company operates. They can also assist you in the search for the best commercial grade furniture that meets your company style and budget.


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